701 – 710: Divining the Mind

Who reads the mind by look, untold 701
Adorns the changeless sea-girt world.
Take him as God who reads the thought 702
Of another man with without a doubt.
By sign who scans the sign admit 703
At any cost in cabinet.
Untold, he who divines the thought 704
Though same in form is quite apart.
Among senses what for is eye 705
If thought by thought one can’t descry?
What throbs in mind the face reflects 706
Just as mirror nearby objects.
Than face what is subtler to tell 707
First if the mind feels well or ill.
Just standing in front would suffice 708
For those who read the mind on face.
Friend or foe the eyes will show 709
To those who changing outlooks know.
The scale of keen discerning minds 710
Is eye and eye that secrets finds.

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