681 – 690: Embassy

Love, noble birth, good courtesy 681
Pleasing kings mark true embassy.
Envoys must bear love for their prince 682
Knowledge and learned eloquence.
Savant among savants, he pleads 683
Before lanced king, triumphant words.
Who has these three: good form, sense, lore 684
Can act as bold ambassador.
Not harsh, the envoy’s winsome ways 685
Does good by pleasant words concise.
Learned; fearless, the envoy tends 686
Convincing words which time demands.
Knowing duty time and place 687
The envoy employs mature phrase.
The true envoy of three virtues 688
Is pure helpful and bold in views.
The envoy who ports the king’s message 689
Has flawless words and heart’s courage.
Braving death the bold envoy 690
Assures his king’s safety and joy.

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