671 – 680: Modes of Action

When counsel takes a resolve strong 671
Weak delay of action is wrong.
Delay such acts as need delay 672
Delay not acts that need display.
It’s best to act when feasible 673
If not see what is possible.
Work or foe left unfinished 674
Flare up like fire unextinguished.
Money and means, time, place and deed 675
Decide these five and then proceed.
Weigh well the end, hindrance, profit 676
And then pursue a fitting act.
Know first the secret from experts 677
That is the way of fruitful acts.
Lure a tusker by a tusker 678
Achieve a deed by deed better.
Than doing good to friends it is 679
More urgent to befriend the foes.
Small statesmen fearing people’s fear 680
Submit to foes superior.

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