661 – 670: Powerful Acts

A powerful mind does powerful act 661
And all the rest are imperfect.
Shun failing fuss; fail not purpose 662
These two are maxims of the wise.
The strong achieve and then display 663
Woe unto work displayed midway.
Easy it is to tell a fact 664
But hard it is to know and act.
Dynamic deeds of a doughty soul 665
Shall win the praise of king and all.
The will-to-do achieves the deed 666
When mind that wills is strong indeed.
Scorn not the form: for men there are 667
Like linchpin of big rolling car.
Waver not; do wakefully 668
The deed resolved purposefully.
Do with firm will though pains beset 669
The deed that brings delight at last.
The world merits no other strength 670
But strength of will-to-do at length.

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