651 – 660: Purity of Action

Friendship brings gain; but action pure 651
Does every good thing we desire.
Eschew always acts that do not 652
Bring good nor glory on their part.
Those in the world desire for fame 653
Should shun the deed that dims their name.
Though perils press the faultless wise 654
Shun deeds of mean, shameful device.
Do not wrong act and grieve, “Alas” 655
If done, do not repeat it twice.
Though she who begot thee hungers 656
Shun acts denounced by ancient seers.
Pinching poverty of the wise 657
Is more than wealth hoarded by Vice.
Those who dare a forbidden deed 658
Suffer troubles though they succeed.
Gains from weeping, weeping go 659
Though lost, from good deeds blessings flow.
The wealth gathered in guilty ways 660
Is water poured in wet clay vase.

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