641 – 650: Power of Speech

The goodness called goodness of speech 641
Is goodness which nothing can reach.
Since gain or ruin speeches bring 642
Guard against the slips of tongue.
A speech is speech that holds ears 643
And attracts ev’n those that are averse.
Weigh thy words and speak; because 644
No wealth or virtue words surpass.
Speak out thy world so that no word 645
Can win it and say untoward.
Spotless men speak what is sweet 646
And grasp in others what is meet.
No foe defies the speaker clear 647
Flawless, puissant, and free from fear.
The world will quickly carry out 648
The words of counsellors astute.
They overspeak who do not seek 649
A few and flawless words to speak.
Who can’t express what they have learnt 650
Are bunch of flowers not fragrant.

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