631 – 640: Ministers

He is minister who chooses 631
Right means, time, mode and rare ventures.
With these he guards people, – by his 632
Knowledge, firmness and manliness.
A minister cherishes friends 633
Divides foes and the parted blends.
A minister must sift reflect 634
Select and say surely one fact.
Have him for help who virtue knows 635
Right wisdom speaks, ever apt in acts.
Which subtler brain can stand before 636
The keen in brain with learned love?
Albeit you know to act from books 637
Act after knowing world’s outlooks.
The man in place must tell the facts 638
Though the ignorant king refutes.
Seventy crores of foes are better 639
Than a minister with mind bitter.
The unresolved, though well designed 640
To fulfil an act they have no mind.

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