621 – 630: Hope in Mishap

Laugh away troubles; there is 621
No other way to conquer woes.
Deluging sorrows come to nought 622
When wise men face them with firm thought.
Grief they face and put to grief 623
Who grieve not grief by mind’s relief.
Who pulls like bulls patiently on 624
Causes grief to grieve anon.
Before the brave grief grieves and goes 625
Who dare a host of pressing woes.
The wise that never gloat in gain 626
Do not fret in fateful ruin.
The wise worry no more of woes 627
Knowing body’s butt of sorrows.
Who seek not joy, deem grief norm 628
By sorrows do not come to harm.
In joy to joy who is not bound 629
In grief he grieves not dual round!
His glory is esteemed by foes 630
Who sees weal in wanton woes!

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