611 – 620: Manly Effort

Feel not frustrate saying “Tis hard”. 611
Who tries attains striving’s reward.
In doing work don’t break and shirk 612
The world will quit who quits his work.
On excellence of industry 613
Depends magnanimous bounty.
Bounty of man who never strives 614
Like sword in eunuch’s hand it fails.
Work who likes and not pleasure 615
Wipes grief of friends, pillar secure.
Industry adds prosperity 616
Indolence brings but poverty.
Illuck abides with sloth they say 617
Laxmi’s gifts with labourers stay.
Misfortune is disgrace to none 618
The shame is nothing learnt or done.
Though fate is against fulfilment 619
Hard labour has ready payment.
Tireless Toiler’s striving hand 620
Shall leave even the fate behind.

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