601 – 610: Freedom from Sloth

Quenchless lamp of ancestry goes 601
When foul idleness encloses.
To make your home an ideal home 602
Loath sloth as sloth; refuse it room.
The fool who fosters sluggishness 603
Before he dies ruins his house.
Who strive not high, sunk deep in sloth 604
Ruin their house by evil growth.
To lag, forget, idle and doze 605
These four are pleasure boats of loss.
With all the wealth of lords of earth 606
The slothful gain nothing of worth.
The slothful lacking noble deeds 607
Subject themselves to scornful words.
If sloth invades a noble house 608
It will become a slave of foes.
The blots on race and rule shall cease 609
When one from sloth gets his release.
The slothless king shall gain en masse 610
All regions trod by Lord apace.

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