591 – 600: Energy

To own is to own energy 591
All others own but lethargy.
Psychic heart is wealth indeed 592
Worldly wealth departs in speed.
The strong in will do not complain 593
The loss of worldly wealth and gain.
Fortune enquires, enters with boom 594
Where tireless strivers have their home.
Water depth is lotus height 595
Mental strength is men’s merit.
Let thoughts be always great and grand 596
Though they fail their virtues stand.
Elephants are firm when arrows hit 597
Great minds keep fit ev’n in defeat.
Heartless persons cannot boast 598
“We are liberal to our best”.
Huge elephant sharp in tusk quails 599
When tiger, less in form, assails.
Mental courage is true manhood 600
Lacking that man is like a wood.

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