581 – 590: Espionage

A king should treat these two as eyes 581
The code of laws and careful spies.
All that happens, always, to all 582
The king should know in full detail.
Conquests are not for the monarch 583
Who cares not for the Spy’s remark.
His officers, kinsmen and foes 584
Who watch keenly are worthy spies.
Fearless gaze, suspectless guise 585
Guarding secrets mark the spies.
Guised as monks they gather secrets 586
They betray them not under threats.
A spy draws out other’s secrets 587
Beyond a doubt he clears his facts.
The reports given by one spy 588
By another spy verify.
Engage the spies alone, apart 589
When three agree confirm report.
Give not the spy open reward 590
It would divulge the secret heard!

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