571 – 580: Benign Looks

Living in the world implies 571
The bounteous dame of benign eyes.
World lives by looks of lovely worth 572
Who lack them are burdens of earth.
Of tuneless song what is the use? 573
Without gracious looks what are eyes?
Except that they are on the face 574
What for are eyes sans measured grace.
Kind looks are jewels for eyes to wear 575
Without them they are felt as sore.
Like trees on inert earth they grow 576
Who don’t eye to eye kindness show.
Ungracious men lack real eyes 577
Men of real eyes show benign grace.
Who gracious are but dutiful 578
Have right for this earth beautiful.
To be benign and bear with foes 579
Who vex us is true virtue’s phase.
Men of graceful courtesy 580
Take hemlock and look cheerfully.

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