561 – 570: Avoiding Terrorism

A king enquires and gives sentence 561
Just to prevent future offence.
Wield fast the rod but gently lay 562
This strict mildness prolongs the sway.
His cruel rod of dreadful deed 563
Brings king’s ruin quick indeed.
As men the king a tyrant call 564
His days dwindled, hasten his fall.
Whose sight is scarce, whose face is foul 565
His wealth seems watched by a ghoul.
Whose word is harsh, whose sight is rude 566
His wealth and power quickly fade.
Reproofs rough and punishments rude 567
Like files conquering power corrode.
The king who would not take counsels 568
Rages with wrath-his fortune fails.
The king who builds not fort betimes 569
Fears his foes in wars and dies.
The crushing burden borne by earth 570
Is tyrants bound to fools uncouth.

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