551 – 560: Cruel Tyranny

The unjust tyrant oppressor 551
Is worse than cruel murderer.
Sceptered tyrant exacting gold 552
Is “give” of lanced robber bold.
Spy wrongs daily and do justice 553
Or day by day the realm decays.
The king shall wealth and subjects lose 554
If his sceptre he dares abuse.
Groaning tears caused by tyrant’s sway 555
File the royal wealth away.
Glory endures by sceptre right 556
Without it wanes the royal light.
Dry like the earth without rainfall 557
Is graceless king to creatures all.
To have is worse than having not 558
If ruler is unjust despot.
The sky withdraws season’s shower 559
If the king misuses his power.
The six-functioned forget their lore 560
Cows give less if kings guard no more.

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