541 – 550: Just Government

Test and attest impartially 541
Consult and act the laws justly.
The earth looks up to sky and thrives 542
And mankind to king’s rod of justice.
The Sage’s scripture and virtue spring 543
From the sceptre of a stately king.
The world clings to the ruler’s feet 544
Whose sceptre clasps the people’s heart.
Full rains and yields enrich the land 545
Which is ruled by a righteous hand.
Not the spear but the sceptre straight 546
That brings success to monarch’s might.
The king protects the entire earth 547
And justice protects his royal worth.
Hard of access, the unjust king 548
He shall himself his ruin bring.
Save his subjects and chide the wrong 549
Is flawless duty of a king.
Killing killers, the king, behold 550
Weeds removes from cropful field.

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