531 – 540: Unforgetfulness

Worse than wrath in excess is 531
Forgetfulness in joy-excess.
Negligence kills renown just as 532
Ceaseless want wisdom destroys.
Forgetful nature fails of fame 533
All schools of thinkers say the same.
The fearful find no fortress here 534
The forgetful find good never.
Failing foresight the guardless man 535
Shall rue his folly later on.
Forget none; watch with wakeful care 536
Miss none; the gain is sans compare.
With cautious care pursue a thing 537
Impossible there is nothing.
Do what the wise commend as worth 538
If not, for seven births no mirth.
When joy deludes, their fate recall 539
Whom negligence has made to fall.
Easy it is a thing to get 540
When the mind on it is set.

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