521 – 530: Cherishing Kinsmen

Let fortunes go; yet kinsmen know 521
The old accustomed love to show.
The gift of loving Kins bestows 522
Fadeless fortune’s fresh flowers.
A kinless wealth is like a tank 523
Which overflows without a bank.
The fruit of growing wealth is gained 524
When kith and kin are happy found.
Loving words and liberal hand 525
Encircle kith and kin around.
Large giver and wrathless man 526
Commands on earth countless kinsmen.
The crows hide not; thy call and eat 527
Welfare abides a man of heart.
From public gaze when kings perceive 528
Each one’s merits so many thrive.
Forsaken friends will come and stay 529
When cause for discord goes away.
Who leaves and returns with motive 530
The king should test him and receive.

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