511 – 520: Testing and Entrusting

Employ the wise who will discern 511
The good and bad and do good turn.
Let him act who resource swells; 512
Fosters wealth and prevents ills.
Trust him in whom these four you see: 513
Love, wit, non-craving, clarity.
Though tried and found fit, yet we see 514
Many differ before duty.
Wise able men with power invest 515
Not by fondness but by hard test.
Discern the agent and the deed 516
And just in proper time proceed.
This work, by this, this man can do 517
Like this entrust the duty due.
His fitness for the duty scan 518
Leave him to do the best he can.
Who do duty for duty’s sake 519
Doubt them; and fortune departs quick.
Worker straight the world is straight 520
The king must look to this aright.

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