501 – 510: Testing of Men for Confidence

Pleasure, gold, fear of life Virtue- 501
Test by these four and trust the true.
Spotless name of noble birth 502
Shamed of stain-that choice is worth.
Though deep scholars of stainless sense 503
Rare is freedom from ignorance.
Good and evil in man weigh well 504
Judge him by virtues which prevail.
By the touchstone of deeds is seen 505
If any one is great or mean.
Choose not those men without kinsmen 506
Without affine or shame of sin.
On favour leaning fools you choose; 507
Folly in all its forms ensues.
To trust an untried stranger brings 508
Endless troubles on all our kins.
Trust not without testing and then 509
Find proper work for trusted men.
Trust without test; The trusted doubt; 510
Both entail troubles in and out.

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