491 – 500: Judging the Place

No action take, no foe despise 491
Until you have surveyed the place.
Many are gains of fortresses 492
Ev’n to kings of power and prowess.
Weaklings too withstand foe’s offence 493
In proper fields of strong defence.
If fighters fight in vantage field 494
The plans of foes shall be baffled.
In water crocodile prevails 495
In land before others it fails.
Sea-going ship goes not on shore 496
Nor on sea the strong-wheeled car.
No aid but daring dash they need 497
When field is chosen right for deed.
Though force is small, if place is right 498
One quells a foe of well-armed might.
To face a foe at home is vain 499
Though fort and status are not fine.
A fox can kill a war tusker 500
Fearless with feet in deep quagmire.

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