481 – 490: Knowing Proper Time

By day the crow defeats the owl 481
Kings need right time their foes to quell.
Well-ordered seasoned act is cord 482
That fortune binds in bon accord.
What is hard for him who acts 483
With proper means and time and tacts?
Choose proper time and act and place 484
Even the world you win with ease.
Who want to win the world sublime 485
Wait unruffled biding their time.
By self-restraint stalwarts keep fit 486
Like rams retreating but to butt.
The wise jut not their vital fire 487
They watch their time with hidden ire.
Bear with hostiles when you meet them 488
Fell down their head in fateful time.
When comes the season ripe and rare 489
Dare and do hard things then and there.
In waiting time feign peace like stork 490
In fighting time strike like its peck.

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