471 – 480: Judging Strength

Judge act and might and foeman’s strength 471
The allies’ strength and go at length.
Nothing hampers the firm who know 472
What they can and how to go.
Many know not their meagre might 473
Their pride breaks up in boastful fight.
Who adapts not, outsteps measure 474
And brags himself-his fall is sure.
Even the gentle peacock’s plume 475
Cart’s axle breaks by gross volume.
Beyond the branches’ tip who skips 476
Ends the life as his body rips.
Know the limit; grant with measure 477
This way give and guard your treasure.
The outflow must not be excess 478
No matter how small income is.
Who does not know to live in bounds 479
His life seems rich but thins and ends.
Wealth amassed quickly vanishes 480
Sans level if one lavishes.

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