461 – 470: Deliberation before Action

Weigh well output the loss and gain 461
And proper action ascertain.
Nothing is hard for him who acts 462
With worthy counsels weighing facts.
The wise risk not their capital 463
In doubtful gains and lose their all.
They who scornful reproach fear 464
Commence no work not made clear.
Who marches without plans and ways 465
His field is sure to foster foes.
Doing unfit action ruins 466
Failing fit-act also ruins.
Think and dare a proper deed 467
Dare and think is bad in need.
Toil without a plan ahead 468
Is doomed to fall though supported.
Attune the deeds to habitude 469
Or ev’n good leads to evil feud.
Do deeds above reproachfulness 470
The world refutes uncomely mess.

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