451 – 460: Avoiding Mean Company

The ignoble the noble fear 451
The mean hold them as kinsmen dear.
With soil changes water’s taste 452
With mates changes the mental state.
Wisdom depends upon the mind 453
The worth of man upon his friend.
Wisdom seems to come from mind 454
But it truly flows from the kind.
Purity of the thought and deed 455
Comes from good company indeed.
Pure-hearted get good progeny 456
Pure friendship acts with victory.
Goodness of mind increases gain 457
Good friendship fosters fame again.
Men of wisdom, though good in mind 458
In friends of worth a new strength find.
Good mind decides the future bliss 459
Good company gains strength to this.
No help good company exeeds; 460
The bad to untold anguish leads.

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