441 – 450: Gaining Great Men’s Help

Weigh their worth and friendship gain 441
Of men of virtue and mature brain.
Cherish the help of men of skill 442
Who ward and safe-guard you from ill.
Honour and have the great your own 443
Is rarest of the rare things known.
To have betters as intimates 444
Power of all powers promotes.
Ministers are the monarch’s eyes 445
Round him should be the right and wise.
To move with worthy friends who knows 446
Has none to fear from frightful foes.
No foe can foil his powers 447
whose friends reprove him when he errs.
The careless king whom none reproves 448
Ruins himself sans harmful foes.
No capital, no gain in trade 449
No prop secure sans good comrade.
To give up good friends is ten times worse 450
Than being hated by countless foes.

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