431 – 440: Avoiding Faults

Plenty is their prosperity 431
Who’re free from wrath pride lust petty.
Mean pride, low pleasure, avarice 432
These add blemishes to a prince.
Though millet-small their faults might seem 433
Men fearing disgrace, Palm-tall deem.
Watch like treasure freedom from fault 434
Our fatal foe is that default.
Who fails to guard himself from flaw 435
Loses his life like flame-lit straw.
What fault can be the king’s who cures 436
First his faults, then scans others.
That miser’s wealth shall waste and end 437
Who would not for a good cause spend.
The gripping greed of miser’s heart 438
Is more than fault the worst apart.
Never boast yourself in any mood 439
Nor do a deed that does no good.
All designs of the foes shall fail 440
If one his wishes guards in veil.

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