421 – 430: Possession of Wisdom

Wisdom’s weapon wards off all woes 421
It is a fort defying foes.
Wisdom checks the straying senses 422
Expels evils, impels goodness.
To grasp the Truth from everywhere 423
From everyone is wisdom fair.
Speaking out thoughts in clear trends 424
Wisdom subtle sense comprehends.
The wise-world the wise befriend 425
They bloom nor gloom, equal in mind.
As moves the world so move the wise 426
In tune with changing times and ways.
The wise foresee what is to come 427
The unwise lack in that wisdom.
Fear the frightful and act wisely 428
Not to fear the frightful’s folly.
No frightful evil shocks the wise 429
Who guard themselves against surprise.
Who have wisdom they are all full 430
Whatev’r they own, misfits are nil.

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