411 – 420: Listening

Wealth of wealths is listening’s wealth 411
It is the best of wealths on earth.
Some food for the stomach is brought 412
When the ear gets no food for thought.
Whose ears get lots of wisdom-food 413
Equal gods on oblations fed.
Though not learned, hear and heed 414
That serves a staff and stay in need.
Virtuous men’s wisdom is found 415
A strong staff on slippery ground.
Lend ear to good words however few 416
That much will highly exalt you.
Who listen well and learn sharply 417
Not ev’n by slip speak foolishly.
That ear though hearing is dulled 418
Which is not by wisdom drilled.
A modest mouth is hard for those 419
Who care little to counsels wise.
Who taste by mouth and not by ear 420
What if they fare ill or well here?

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