391 – 400: Education

Lore worth learning, learn flawlessly 391
Live by that learning thoroughly.
Letter, number, art and science 392
Of living kind both are the eyes.
The learned alone have eyes on face 393
The ignorant two sores of disgrace.
To meet with joy and part with thought 394
Of learned men this is the art.
Like poor before rich they yearn: 395
For knowledge: the low never learn.
As deep you dig the sand spring flows 396
As deep you learn the knowledge grows.
All lands and towns are learner’s own 397
Why not till death learning go on!
The joy of learning in one birth 398
Exalts man upto his seventh.
The learned foster learning more 399
On seeing the world enjoy their lore.
Learning is wealth none could destroy 400
Nothing else gives genuine joy.

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