381 – 390: The Grandeur of Monarchy

People, troops, wealth, forts, council, friends 381
Who owns these six is lion of kings.
Courage, giving, knowledge and zeal 382
Are four failless features royal.
Alertness, learning bravery 383
Are adjuncts three of monarchy.
A brave noble king refrains from vice 384
Full of virtue and enterprise.
The able king gets, stores and guards 385
And spends them for people’s safeguards.
That land prospers where the king is 386
Easy to see, not harsh of words.
The world commends and acts his phrase 387
Who sweetly speaks and gives with grace.
He is the Lord of men who does 388
Sound justice and saves his race.
Under his shelter thrives the world 389
Who bears remarks bitter and bold.
He is the Light of Kings who has 390
Bounty, justice, care and grace.

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