1301 – 1310: Bouderie

The Maid to the Mistress
Feign sulk; embrace him not so that 1301
We can see his distress a bit.
Sulking is the salt of love; but 1302
Too much of it spoils the taste.
Wife Addresses Husband
To leave the sulker unembraced 1303
Is to grieve the one sorely grieved.
To comfort not lady in pout 1304
Is to cut the fading plant at root.
He within Himself
Pouting of flower-eyed has 1305
To pure good mates a lovely grace.
Love devoid of frowns and pets 1306
Misses its ripe and unripe fruits.
“Will union take place soon or late?” 1307
In lover’s pout this leaves a doubt.
What’s the good of grieving lament 1308
When concious lover is not present?
Water delights in a shady grove 1309
And sulking in souls of psychic love.
My heart athirst would still unite 1310
With her who me in sulking left!

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