1291 – 1300: Chiding the Heart

You see, his heart is his alone; 1291
Why not my heart be all my own?
O heart, you see how he slights me 1292
Yet you clasp him as if friendly.
You follow him at will. Is it 1293
“The fallen have no friends” my heart?
You won’t sulk first and then submit 1294
Who will then consult you, my heart?
Frets to gain and fears loss in gain 1295
O my heart suffers ceaseless pain.
My itching mind eats me anon 1296
As I muse on him all alone.
I forget shame but not his thought 1297
In mean foolish mind I’m caught.
My heart living in love of him 1298
Hails his glory ignoring blame.
Who support a man in grief 1299
If lover’s heart denies relief?
Why wonder if strangers disown 1300
When one’s own heart is not his own?

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