1271 – 1280: Feeling Surmised

He to Her
You hide; but your painted eyes 1271
Restraint off, report your surmise.
With seemly grace and stem-like arms 1272
The simple she has ample charms.
Something shines through her jewelled charm 1273
Like thread shining through wreathed gem.
Like scent in bud secrets conceal 1274
In the bosom of her half smile.
The close-bangled belle’s hidden thought 1275
Has a cure for my troubled heart.
She to Her Maid
His over-kind close embrace sooths; 1276
But makes me feel, loveless, he parts.
Quick, my bracelets read before 1277
The mind of my lord of cool shore.
My lover parted but yesterday; 1278
With sallowness it is seventh day.
The Maid Tells Him
She views her armlets, her tender arms 1279
And then her feet; these are her norms.
To express love-pangs by eyes and pray 1280
Is womanhood’s womanly way.

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