1261 – 1270: Mutual Yearning

My eyes are dim lustre-bereft 1261
Worn fingers count days since he left.
Beauty pales and my bracelets slide; 1262
Why not forget him now, bright maid?
Will as guide he went to win 1263
Yet I live-to see him again.
My heart in rapture heaves to see 1264
His retun with love to embrace me.
Let me but gaze and gaze my spouse 1265
sallow on my soft shoulders files.
Let my spouse return just a day 1266
Joy-drink shall drive my pain away.
If my eye-like lord returneth 1267
Shall I sulk or clasp or do both?
May the king fight and win and give 1268
And with my wife I will feast this eve!
One day seems as seven to those 1269
Who yearn return of distant spouse.
When her heart is broken, what is 1270
The good of meeting and love-embrace?

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