1251 – 1260: Reserve Lost

Passion’s axe shall break the door 1251
Of reserve bolted with my honour.
The thing called lust is a heartless power 1252
It sways my mind at midnight hour.
How to hide this lust which shows 1253
Itself while I sneeze unawares!
I was proud of my sex-reserve 1254
Lo lust betrays what I preserve.
Dignity seeks not a deserter 1255
But Love-sick is its innovator.
O Grief, my deserter you seek 1256
Of your caprice what shall I speak!
When lover’s love does what it desires 1257
We forget all shame unawares.
The cheater of many wily arts 1258
His tempting words break through women’s hearts.
In huff I went and felt at ease 1259
Heat to heart in sweet embrace.
To feign dislike is it not rare 1260
For mates who melt like fat in fire?

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