1241 – 1250: Soliloquy

Think of, O heart, some remedy 1241
To cure this chronic malady.
Bless O mind! you pine in vain 1242
For me he has no love serene.
O mind, why pine and sit moody? 1243
Who made you so pale lacks pity.
Take these eyes and meet him, O heart 1244
Or their hunger will eat me out.
He spurns our love and yet, O mind, 1245
Can we desert him as unkind?
Wrath is false, O heart, face-to face. 1246
Sans huff, you rush to his sweet embrace.
Off with love O mind, or shame 1247
I cannot endure both of them.
Without pity he would depart! 1248
You sigh and seek his favour, poor heart!
The lover lives in Self you know; 1249
Whom you think, mind to whom you go?
Without a thought he deserted us 1250
To think of him will make us worse.

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