1231 – 1240: Limbs Languish

Maid Tells Her
To lift from want he left me afar 1231
His thought makes my eyes blush the flower.
My pale tearful eyes betray 1232
The hardness of my husband, away.
These arms that swelled on nuptial day 1233
Now shrunk proclaim “He is away”.
Bracelets slip off the arms that have 1234
Lost old beauty for He took leave.
Bereft of bracelets and old beauty 1235
Arms tell the cruel’s cruelty.
Arms thin, armlets loose make you call 1236
My sire cruel; that pains my soul.
Go and tell the cruel, O mind 1237
Bruit ov’r my arms and glory find.
The front of this fair one O paled 1238
As my clasping arms loosed their hold.
Cool breeze crept between our embrace 1239
Her large rain-cloud-eyes paled at once.
Pale eyes pained seeing the pallor 1240
Of the bright forehead of this fair.

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