1211 – 1220: Dream Visions

How shall I feast this dream-vision 1211
That brings the beloved’s love-mission?
I beg these fish-like dark eyes sleep 1212
To tell my lover how life I keep.
In wakeful hours who sees me not 1213
I meet in dreams and linger yet.
In dreams I enjoy his love-bliss 1214
Who in wakeful hours I miss.
Dream-sight of him delights at once 1215
Awake- What of seeing him -hence.
If wakeful hours come to nought 1216
My lov’r in dreams would nev’r depart.
Awake he throws my overtures 1217
Adream, ah cruel! he tortures!
Asleep he embraces me fast; 1218
Awake he enters quick my heart.
In dreams who don’t discern lovers 1219
Rue their missing in wakeful hours.
The townsmen say he left me thus 1220.
In dreams failing to see him close.

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