1201 – 1210: Sad Memories

Love is sweeter than wine; for vast 1201
Is its delight at very thought.
Pains are off at the lover’s thought 1202
In all aspects this love is sweet.
To sneeze I tried hence but could not 1203
Me he tried to think but did not.
Have I a place within his heart? 1204
Ah from mine he will never depart.
Shame! My heart often he enters 1205
Banning me entry into his.
Beyond the thought of life with him 1206
What else of life can I presume?
What will happen if I forget 1207
When his memory burns my heart?
I bring him to ceaseless memory 1208
He chides not; and thus honours me.
Dear life ebbs away by thought 1209
Of him who said we are one heart.
Hail moon! Set not so that I find 1210
Him who left me but not my mind.

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