1181 – 1190: Wailing over Pallor

My lover’s parting, I allowed 1181
Whom to complain my hue pallid?
Claiming it is begot through him 1182
Pallor creeps and rides over my frame.
He seized my beauty and modesty 1183
Leaving pangs and Pallor to me.
He is my thought, his praise my theme 1184
Yet this pallor steals over my frame.
My lover departed me there 1185
And pallor usurped my body here.
Just as darkness waits for light-off 1186
Pallor looks for lover’s arms-off.
From his embrace I turned a nonce 1187
This pallor swallowed me at once.
On my pallor they cast a slur 1188
But none says “lo he parted her”.
Let all my body become pale 1189
If he who took my leave fares well.
Let people call me all pallid 1190
But my lover let them not deride.

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