1171 – 1180: Wasteful Look for Wistful Love

The eye pointed him to me; why then 1171
They weep with malady and pine?
Why should these dyed eyes grieve now sans 1172
Regrets for their thoughtless glance?
Eyes darted eager glance that day 1173
It’s funny that they weep today.
These eyes left me to endless grief 1174
Crying adry without relief.
My eyes causing lust more than sea 1175
Suffer that torture sleeplessly.
Lo! eyes that wrought this love-sickness 1176
Are victims of the same themselves.
Let tears dry up pining pining 1177
In eyes that eyed him longing longing.
Ther’s he whose lips loved, not his heart 1178
Yet my eyes pine seeing him not.
He comes; no sleep; he goes; no sleep 1179
This is the fate of eyes that weep.
Like drum beats eyes declare my heart; 1180
From people who could hide his secret?

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