1161 – 1170: Wailing of Pining Love

It swells out like baled out spring 1161
How to bear this pain so writhing?
I can’t conceal this nor complain 1162
For shame to him who caused this pain.
In life – poles of this wearied frame 1163
Are poised the weights of lust and shame.
My lust is a sea; I do not see 1164
A raft to go across safely.
What wilt they prove when they are foes 1165
Who in friendship bring me woes!
The pleasure in love is oceanful 1166
But its pangs are more painful.
Wild waves of love I swim shoreless 1167
Pining alone in midnight hush.
Night’s mercy lulls all souls to sleep 1168
Keeping but me for companionship.
Crueller than that cruel he 1169
Are midnight hours gliding slowly.
Like heart, if my sight reaches him 1170
It won’t in floods of tears swim!

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