1151 – 1160: Pangs of Separation

Tell me if you but do not leave, 1151
Your quick return to those who live.
His sight itself was pleasing, near 1152
Embrace pains now by partings fear.
On whom shall I lay my trust hence 1153
While parting lurks in knowing ones?
He parts whose love told me – fear not 1154
Is my trust in him at default?
Stop his parting – my life to save 1155
Meeting is rare if he would leave.
His hardness says, “I leave you now” 1156
Is there hope of his renewed love?
Will not my gliding bangles’ cry 1157
The parting of my lord betray?
Bitter is life in friendless place; 1158
Worse is parting love’s embrace!
Can fire that burns by touch burn like 1159
Parting of the hearts love-sick?
Many survive pangs of parting 1160
Not I this sore so distressing.

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