1141 – 1150: Public Clamour

Rumour sustains my existence 1141
Good luck! many know not its sense.
Rumour gives me the flower-like belle 1142
People know not what rare angel.
I profit by this public rumour 1143
Having not, I feel, I have her.
Rumour inflames the love I seek 1144
Or else it becomes bleak and weak.
Drink delights as liquor flows 1145
Love delights as rumour grows.
One lasting day we met alone 1146
Lasting rumours eclipse our moon.
Scandal manures; mother’s refrain 1147
Waters the growth of this love-pain.
To quench the lust by rumour free 1148
Is to quench fire by pouring ghee.
Who said “fear not” flared up rumour 1149
Why then should I blush this clamour?
Town raising this cry, I desire 1150
Consent is easy from my sire.

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