1131 – 1140: Decorum Defied

Pangs of passion find no recourse 1131
Except riding palmyra horse.
Pining body and mind lose shame 1132
And take to riding of the palm.
Once I was modest and manly 1133
My love has now Madal only.
Rushing flood of love sweeps away 1134
The raft of shame and firmness, aye!
Palm-ride and pangs of eventide 1135
Are gifts of wreath-like bracelet maid.
Madal I ride at midnight for 1136
My eyes sleep not seeing this fair.
Her sea-like lust seeks not Madal! 1137
Serene is woman’s self control.
Lust betrays itself in haste 1138
Though women are highly soft and chaste.
My perplexed love roves public street 1139
Believing that none knows its secret.
Fools laugh at me before my eyes 1140
For they feel not my pangs and sighs.

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