1121 – 1130: Love’s Excellence

Like milk and honey the dew is sweet 1121
From her white teeth whose word is soft.
Love between me and this lady 1122
Is like bond between soul and body.
Depart image in my pupil 1123
Giving room to my fair-browed belle!
Life with my jewel is existence 1124
Death it is her severance.
Can I forget? I recall always 1125
The charms of her bright battling eyes.
So subtle is my lover’s form 1126
Ever in my eyes winking, no harm.
My lover in my eyes abides 1127
I paint them not lest he hides.
My lover abides in my heart 1128
I fear hot food lest he feels hot.
My eyes wink not lest he should hide 1129
And him as cruel the townsmen chide.
He abides happy in my heart 1130
But people mistake he is apart.

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