1111 – 1120: Beauty Extolled

Soft blessed anicha flower, hail 1111
On whom I dote is softer still.
You can’t liken flowers by many eyed, 1112
To her bright eyes, O mind dismayed.
The bamboo-shouldered has pearl-like smiles 1113
Fragrant breath and lance-like eyes.
Lily droops down to ground and says 1114
I can’t equal the jewelled-one’s eyes.
Anicha flower with stem she wears 1115
To her breaking waist sad-drum-blares!
Stars are confused to know which is 1116
The moon and which is woman’s face.
Are there spots on the lady’s face 1117
Just as in moon that changes phase?
Like my lady’s face if you shine 1118
All my love to you; hail O moon!
Like the face of my flower-eyed one 1119
If you look, then shine alone O moon!
The soft flower and the swan’s down are 1120
Like nettles to the feet of the fair.

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