1101 – 1110: Embrace-Bliss

In this bangled beauty dwell 1101
The joys of sight sound touch taste smell.
The cure for ailment is somewhere 1102
For fair maid’s ill she is the cure.
Is lotus-eyed lord’s heaven so sweet 1103
As sleep in lover’s arms so soft?
Away it burns and cools anear 1104
Wherefrom did she get this fire?
The arms of my flower-tressed maid 1105
Whatever I wish that that accord.
My simple maid has nectar arms 1106
Each embrace brings life-thrilling charms.
Ah the embrace of this fair dame 1107
Is like sharing one’s food at home.
Joy is the fast embrace that doth 1108
Not admit e’en air between both.
Sulking, feeling and clasping fast 1109
These three are sweets of lover’s tryst.
As knowledge reveals past ignorance 1110
So is the belle as love gets close.

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