1091 – 1100: Signs Speak the Heart

Her painted eyes, two glances dart 1091
One hurts; the other heals my heart.
Her furtive lightning glance is more 1092
Than enjoyment of sexual lore.
She looked; looking bowed her head 1093
And love-plant was with water fed.
I look; she droops to earth awhile 1094
I turn; she looks with gentle smile.
No direct gaze; a side-long glance 1095
She darts at me and smiles askance.
Their words at first seem an offence 1096
But quick we feel them friendly ones.
Harsh little words; offended looks, 1097
Are feigned consenting love-lorn tricks.
What a grace the slim maid has! 1098
As I look she slightly smiles.
Between lovers we do discern 1099
A stranger’s look of unconcern.
The words of mouth are of no use 1100
When eye to eye agrees the gaze.

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